Vintage Travel extends its Croatian reach to the spectacular region of Dubrovnik

Some exciting news is bubbling in the Vintage Travel camp – we are expanding our Croatia portfolio of villas to the beautiful Dubrovnik region of Croatia.

Due to phenomenal demand from our clients who are keen to explore the stunning diverse and scenically-unique lands of Dubrovnik, Vintage Travel is delighted to introduce a selection of properties in the region.


Our Dubrovnik property portfolio includes villas that can sleep between two and 11 guests, all of which retain our unwavering ethos to be hand-picked and be equipped with a private pool.

Our Dubrovnik villas are sporadically scattered to the North and the South of the city

Lay to the extreme south of Croatia, Dubrovnik has been described as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. This stunning city was formerly known as Ragusa and was a rich and powerful city state until 1806.

Today visitors flock to Dubrovnik all year round, keen to become acquainted with the city’s unique culture and to witness the myriad of historical sites that lie within the mesmerising walls of the Old Town. In these beautiful old quarters cars are prohibited as the Old Town is a pedestrian-only area.

Being snuggled between the Dinaric and Adriatic Alps, the views from Dubrovnik and its vicinity are varied and divine.

Take your pick out of our wonderful selection of hand-picked villas in this increasingly popular European destination.

If being immersed amongst blossoming vineyards, lemon orchids and tranquil villages tickles your fancy, then head to the Konavle region, which lies to the south of Dubrovnik.

If the prospect of staying amidst the orange and pomegranate orchids sounds heavenly, why not stay at Pave? This stylish three-bedroom villa lies on the pine-clad hillsides of the Bjelotina Mountain and boasts remarkable views that spread across the Konavle Valley.

A wealth of activities and luxuries are at your disposal at Pave, including a sauna, table tennis, a children’s play area, and, naturally, a private pool with a designated spa area.

A week’s stay at Pave start from £750 rising to £2495 in the peak season. The villa is available to rent from late March until the end of October.

For more information about Pave and Vintage Travel’s other properties in the Dubrovnik region visit the website at

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