09 Aug
woman hydrating

Ways to help prevent getting sun stroke on holiday

Nothing is worse than having your long awaited summer holiday spoilt because you did not take a few easy precautions to keep yourself safe. The sun often plays a big part in where we choose to go but it can also cause us one or two problems, especially for those with pale skin, who can be prone to being burnt. There is another danger with too much sun, the risk of getting sunstroke.

woman hydrating

Heat exhaustion can lead to sunstroke. First the body becomes very hot and begins to lose water and salt, and then your body loses its ability to cool itself. High body temperatures can put a strain on the brain, heart, lungs and other vital organs. It can also develop quite quickly and severe cases would need hospital treatment.

Take a look at the following tips to help prevent getting sun stroke on holiday:

  • Always wear a hat on the beach even whilst you are paddling and swimming. There is not much protecting your brain, the last thing you want to do is overheat it.
  • Drink, drink and drink. Not alcohol but water, fruit juice or a sports drink. Drink not only when you get thirsty, but before you even get on to the beach. Dehydration on its own can cause all sorts of nasty side effects, from dizziness, fainting, a decrease in blood pressure and muscle cramp.
  • Wear good sunglasses, squinting all day will give you at the very least a bad headache.
  • Take time out, find a cool bar or restaurant and chill out in the shade. Don’t spend the whole day on the beach, give the body a chance to cool down.
  • Don’t go walking and exploring in the heat of the day, leave it until the early evening and take plenty of liquid.

If you notice that someone has signs of heat exhaustion, make them lie in a cool area and expose as much skin as possible. Use wet sponges, a flannel or cold packs on the neck and under the armpits and ensure they drink plenty of water.