11 Jan
Mulino d'Anna, Tuscany

Fancy a digital detox? Head to this Tuscan hideaway

Unplugging from our phones, tablets, laptops and other devices can have significant benefits on the mind and body, helping us de-stress and truly unwind. Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to detox from technology and enjoy a week or two away from emails, SMSs, social media and more.


22 Oct
View of St Mary Cathedral towers in Lugo, Spain

Discovering the Roman walls of Lugo

The great walls that surround the ancient city of Lugo in Galicia, North-West Spain are widely considered to be the best-preserved Roman walls, not just in Spain, or Europe for that matter, but in the world!





28 Dec

Discovering Corfu’s picturesque town of Nissaki

Nissaki means ‘Little Island’ and several hundred years ago the town of Nissaki on Corfu was exactly that, a little island. The local people worked, shaping stones and local rocks transported by boat to the island. The stones were mainly used for building work. Eventually the chippings, over many years formed the beginnings of a


02 Dec
Epiphany in Spain

A look at how Epiphany is celebrated in Spain

Epiphany is celebrated around the world, but in Spain it takes on somewhat more importance. Although Santa Claus has made recent inroads, the ‘Three Kings Day’ has been a part of Spanish culture, celebrated since the end of the 2nd century, in one form or another. On January 6th the Spanish celebrate the visit of