07 Dec

Great activities on Ibiza for children

From toddlers to teenagers Ibiza’s a paradise island for all the family. Ibiza may have gained a reputation over the years as being the ultimate destination for the young and carefree seeking a hedonistic holiday in the sun, but for the thousands of families who also go on holiday to Ibiza each year, this lively yet


27 Oct

New Ibiza exhibition – Madina Yabisa Exhibition

Madina Yabisa Exhibition – a unique insight into Ibiza during Muslim occupation. It’s considered across the world as being the ultimate party island, the island that never sleeps, the place to head to if you want a hedonistic holiday dominated by clubbing by night and sleeping off hangover during the day. But there is more to


27 Sep
Halloween 2012 in Ibiza

Celebrate Halloween 2012 in Ibiza

With the summer and ‘party’ season well and truly over, those seeking the sun, sea and a great party atmosphere would be disappointed by visiting Ibiza in late October, right? Wrong! On the contrary, the island of Ibiza is home to a vibrant Halloween scene, where the sea is guaranteed, the sun is – almost


18 Aug

The legendary Ibiza hippy market Punta Arabi in Es Cana

Blow a week’s holiday budget in one afternoon at Ibiza’s legendary hippy market! With nightclubs pumping out tunes until dawn, with legendary 24 hour beach parties, and with an unmatchable hedonistic party spirit, it stands to reason why year after year clubbers return to the island of Ibiza for there annual party ‘fix’. Although Ibiza’s


09 Jun

Experience the ‘softer’ side of quiet Ibiza

Ibiza has done well to build up its reputation as the ‘clubber’s paradise of Europe’, but in spite of its justifiable status as being a top-spot for clubbers it would not be fair to paint Ibiza as being solely a metropolis for neon nightclubs and 24 hour bars, as Ibiza, contrary to a prevalent estimation,


20 Apr
luxury villas in Ibiza

Vintage Travel’s new luxury villas in Ibiza

Vintage Travel is pleased to announce Ibiza onto its books of hand-picked villas with private pools, and with mile upon mile of undulating countryside, sensational beaches and many quirky and historical towns, Ibiza certainly lives up our commitment to providing exceptional villas located in the most desirable of locations. From one-bedroom romantic retreats to grand,


13 Mar
Easter in Ibiza

Easter in Ibiza

Ibiza may be synonymous with 24-hour partying and hedonistic living but during Easter in Ibiza (Semana Santa), the island adopts an air of solemnity and seriousness with throngs of people belonging to different ‘brotherhoods’ taking to the streets. These sacred displays, which are held in almost every town on Ibiza, provide visitors with fascinating insight


10 Feb
Santa Eulalia

Museum Barrau – One of Ibiza’s most hidden artistic treasures

Known by many as the ‘island of light’, Ibiza has, for many years, been a popular destination for artists, who are attracted to the island simply because of its stunning clarity of air. Because of it being a long-established haven for artists, Ibiza boasts many a hidden artistic treasure, including the artwork of Lareano Barrau.


05 Jan

Ibiza – The home of the best diving locations in Europe

World-renowned for being one of the ‘clubbing capitals of the world’, Ibiza’s aptitude of being of the best diving locations in Europe is one lesser known asset of this loveable Spanish island. Dedicated to bringing Ibiza’s less acknowledged strength out of the shade and into the limelight, this summer, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors


02 Dec

New Years Eve in Ibiza

New Year’s Eve in Ibiza at Restaurant Pacha, Ibiza Town – Party like it’s 2011! Vintage Travel is proud to announce Ibiza to its selection of European holiday destinations that offer travellers that ‘little bit more’ than one normally finds in a private villa. And to entice you away from the somewhat laborious and repetitive