25 Sep

Three romantic restaurants on Ibiza

If you are seeking a romantic trip away, then the island of Ibiza and its heavenly sunsets beckon. From walking hand in hand across the sun-drenching beaches, to watching the sun descend behind the jagged sierras, Ibiza can justifiably be described as being a couple’s paradise. Of course your romantic getaway to the legendary Balearic


07 Sep

A selection of Ibiza’s best beaches

Ibiza is endowed with of 8o beaches around its coastline. Most of these beaches are certainly worthy of laying a towel down for an afternoon, some of them you would recommend to a friend, whilst a decent number of them are exceptional. Huge stretches of pristine white sand wait patiently for you, your friends, your



04 Apr

Four of the best beaches on Ibiza

If you are looking for a beach holiday this summer, whereby great weather, beautiful beaches and blissful bathing is pretty much guaranteed, then you certainly shouldn’t dismiss Ibiza. There are scores of wonderful beaches on Ibiza, many of which are tranquil and secluded and many of which are lively and bustling with activity. In fact