10 Nov

Vintage Travel extends its Croatian reach to the spectacular region of Dubrovnik

Some exciting news is bubbling in the Vintage Travel camp – we are expanding our Croatia portfolio of villas to the beautiful Dubrovnik region of Croatia.

Due to phenomenal demand from our clients who are keen to explore the stunning diverse and scenically-unique lands of Dubrovnik, Vintage Travel is delighted to introduce a selection of properties in the region.


31 Oct

When is the best time to visit Lanzarote?

So when is the best time to visit and become acquainted with the beautiful island of Lanzarote? The truth is, there isn’t a bad time.

The beauty of Lanzarote – apart from its unique mountainous landscape, friendly locals and fantastic beaches – is that it boasts an almost constant year-round temperature that rarely diverges from between 21 and 29 degrees Celsius. What’s more, the island is home to little rain.


06 Sep
Gorges du Tarn

The Gorges du Tarn Are Simply Breathtaking

The Gorges du Tarn lie to the west of the town of Millau, running from the department of Lozere to just inside the department of Aveyron. If you are driving through the area or are staying in this region of south west France, taking the time to visit these striking gorges will be an excursion well worth the effort.

The River Tarn cut its way downwards over the passing millenniums, leaving towering limestone cliffs in its wake. Spectacular and grandiose, the gorge will leave an indelible stamp on the memories of all who drive through it. This winding road ascends and descends underneath the white cliffs and would not be a journey for the more nervous of drivers.

The Gorges du Tarn is a little over 50 kilometres long. Interesting hamlets are intermittently dispersed along the route, some of which are accompanied by a quirky local bar selling refreshingly cool drinks and tasty French delicacies.

Kayaking is one of the most dominant sports in this part of France. Your journey along the Gorges du Tarn is likely to be accompanied with kayakers of all abilities gliding side by side down the river.

With such dramatic and precariously positioned cliff fronts, rock climbing is another popular sport in the Gorges du Tarn. It has to be said if you are not a kayaker or rock climber yourself, many a thrill can be obtained by simply being a spectator with a free ringside ticket!

Sainte Enimie is one of the “Les plus beaux villages de France”, which basically translates as a place of extreme beauty which definitely warrants a few hours of your time.  The river flows gently through the village. Pretty pebbled beaches provide the perfect spot to swim and picnic.

There are many beautiful villages along the Gorges du Tarn and part of the thrill of the journey is stumbling upon the next sleepy hamlet where time seems to stand still.



05 Nov

How to keep your house plants alive when you go away

Five tips:

1. Obvious – water your plants the day before you go away.

2. Turn your heating thermostat. Not too far if a cold snap is pending – burst pipes and all that…

3. Give your plants some nourishment before you go. e.g a good quality plant food.

4. Make sure your plants have sufficient light. If you’re pulling curtains or blinds, shift your plants to somewhere more light.

5. Investigate automated plant watering products. Some (Smarthome) are quite good nowadays.

Oh and don’t water your cacti. Over watering will kill them…..




28 Oct

Calar Alto Observatory Andalucia

The six, huge, white domes of Calar Alto Observatory poised amongst Almeria’s bucolic landscape, are a spectacular example of man’s creativity in harmony with nature. These revolutionary objects are essential entities in the field of astronomy and look like they belong on a science fiction set. In fact when you are up close you half expect Dr Who’s tardis to emerge amongst the jagged rock formations and clusters of fir trees.


26 Oct

‘La Castanyada’ – Halloween in Catalonia

Wanting to go somewhere to celebrate Halloween in style? Then want no more and book yourself on a plane to Catalonia’. ‘La Castanyada’ is fêted on 1 November every year in celebration of Catalonia’s All Saints Day. The whole of this culturally autonomous province is engulfed in a day of carousing and festivities. But it is in Barcelona where the festivities are celebrated with particular fervour and excitement.



24 Oct

Dordogne theatre visit

When thinking about the Dordogne, one usually tends to imagine scenes of rural bliss. Mighty rivers flowing through green pastures, thick woodlands, rolling hillsides and quaint pretty villages immediately spring to mind. Whilst these scenes of rustic rapture are most definitely a true representation of this beautiful region of France, its lively theatre scene is less well documented. Here are four of the Dordogne’s most dynamic theatres: