29 Mar
Lunch by the sea

What makes Greek cuisine so special?

Greek cuisine has a tradition dating back over 4,000 years and is integral in the culture of the country. Its flavours change with the season and depending on the region. Overdoing refinement is considered to be against the ‘spirit of the Greek cuisine’.


18 Nov

Visiting the Peloponnese: A charming corner of Greece

Few places in the world have such a rich and atmospheric history as the Peloponnese in Greece. It is a land where events and legends have become so entwined that there is no separating them. It was here that Heracles fought the Nemean lion at a time when greek gods interfered with the affairs of




22 Feb
Greek Island of Paxos

Why the island of Paxos is a painter’s paradise

Paxos can be found just nine miles from Corfu. This tiny island is only eight miles long by three miles wide. Being able to revel in its easy pace and gentle charm, it’s hardly surprising that many visitors of Paxos return year after year to re-acquaint themselves with its unique qualities.


13 Nov
Christmas on Crete

Christmas on Crete: What you can expect

Traditionally the Christmas holiday period in Greece lasts 12 days until epiphany. Many of the festive customs on the island of Crete look very familiar, such as the decorated trees and even turkey on the table on Christmas day.  Celebrated in the past as a chance to get together as extended families and catch up



24 Sep

Why Kefalonia?

For anyone heading to the Ionian Sea for their holiday, the island of Kefalonia has become a number one choice for tourists. Much of this beautiful island’s popularity stems from the fact it was setting for the blockbuster film “Captain Corelli Mandolin”. That said, there is much more to Kefalonia than merely being a place