16 May
Car Hire

Five car hire tips when abroad

From finding the relevant desk at the airport and enduring the lengthy queues, to ensuring you have the correct paperwork in order, hiring a car abroad can be stressful. Knowing what to expect and preparing for car hire can make the experience considerably less taxing.


13 Oct

Mojacar and its white-washed pueblo: Andalucia’s stunning coastal secret

It is fairly safe to say, there aren’t many destinations in southern Spain that comprise of stunning stretches of sun-drenched sand, atmospheric cafes and bars, top class restaurants and a white-washed old-town clung majestically to a hillside, that aren’t teeming with tourists. If you did make this proclamation, you’d be almost right, but not quite.


11 Oct

Ca’n Trillo: The perfect accommodation in the Pollenca vicinity of Mallorca

Traditional yet modern would be an apt overall description of Ca’n Trillo. Located not far from the traditional town of Pollenca on the eastern end of Serra de Tramuntana, this beautiful villa sleeps up to six guests in comfort and luxury. The exterior and interior building design has been used to make houses like this


10 Oct

Three tasty Spanish tapas

Tapas are smallish dishes of Spanish-style food, which put great variety, flavour and interest onto the table. A little bit of this and a piece of that is the general idea. We have to admit tapas are most enjoyable when washed down with an ice-cold cerveza or a chilled glass of vino blanco. The great


08 Oct
the best way to check these distinct and flavoursome wines out is by going on holiday to this beautiful land.

Wines to savour in Istria, Croatia

Unlike the wines of Italy, France and Spain, you are less likely to find Istrian wine on the shelves of the supermarkets. With this in mind, probably the best way to check these distinct and flavoursome wines out is by going on holiday to this beautiful land. Aiding the nation’s present winemaking success, is the


06 Oct
Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera: European Wine City 2014

The Southern Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera is a real privilege to visit. As well as its famous Flamenco dancing and internationally-admired white Andalucian horses gracing the surrounding countryside, this traditional yet elegant town also has more than its fair share of magnificent buildings. Though we have to admit Jerez’s most famous association


02 Oct
Istria, Croatia

Two beautiful towns of inland Istria, Croatia

People rightly enjoy the superbly formed indented coastline of the Croatian Istrian peninsula. However, Istria’s stunning coastline has an equally as compelling backdrop which comprises of many pretty hilltop towns and villages, which are both picturesque and historical. All it takes is a short drive in the car or a bus ride and you find




24 Sep

Why Kefalonia?

For anyone heading to the Ionian Sea for their holiday, the island of Kefalonia has become a number one choice for tourists. Much of this beautiful island’s popularity stems from the fact it was setting for the blockbuster film “Captain Corelli Mandolin”. That said, there is much more to Kefalonia than merely being a place