10 Aug

The great museums of the Dordogne

From its many quaint and historical villages dotted around the hillsides to its incredible landscape of impressive gorges and fertile valleys, the Dordogne has long been considered a travellers dream destination. Perhaps one lesser known attraction of the Dordogne is the region’s many great museums.

06 Jul
French Market

Five fabulous evening markets in the Dordogne

France is internationally-renowned for its fabulous fragrant markets, selling everything from homemade pickles to traditional French berets. The beautiful region of the Dordogne is home to some of the best markets in the whole of France. Though we have to admit, it’s the Dordogne’s evening markets that are especially charismatic and memorable. Take a look

24 Oct

Dordogne theatre visit

When thinking about the Dordogne, one usually tends to imagine scenes of rural bliss. Mighty rivers flowing through green pastures, thick woodlands, rolling hillsides and quaint pretty villages immediately spring to mind. Whilst these scenes of rustic rapture are most definitely a true representation of this beautiful region of France, its lively theatre scene is

03 Sep

A Fisherman’s paradise – Fishing in the Dordogne

France is a country of stunningly diverse landscapes. Its beauty is propelled into the hearts of its visitors with one of its greatest pleasures being the many impressive and imposing rivers the country proudly boasts. Like the country’s picturesque, well-maintained and relatively empty roads provide for a cyclist’s rapture, France’s great rivers entice a fisherman