21 Dec
Ithaca island

Ithaca might be a tiny island in the Ionian Sea, but it boasts a huge history, culture, cuisine and personality, which never fails to attract a steady stream of tourists to its pretty shores. However, being so small and difficult to get to, Ithaca is void of the crowds of tourists many of the larger more accessible Greek islands are home to, making Ithaca the perfect retreat for those seeking peace and tranquillity, to relax and recharge their batteries.


07 Dec
Lakka coastline, Paxos island

With secluded beaches, tranquil bays, magnificent views, picturesque harbours and wonderful sunsets and colours, it’s not surprising that Paxos is hailed as the “most romantic Ionian Island.” If you’re thinking about heading to this incredibly romantic, tiny Greek island, take a look at the following reasons you won’t be disappointed by your choice of destination.


12 Nov
Maleme beach, Crete, Greece

Basking in warm sunshine and lapped by the healing water of the Mediterranean, the island of Crete never fails to attract a regular influx of visitors to its picturesque shores.






23 Jul
Milia beach, Skopelos, Sporades Island, Greece

With rich vegetation, principally of pine trees tumbling to the water’s edge, Skopelos is an immensely beautiful island. Skopelos’s periphery is scattered with stunning beaches, known for their crystal-clear water, white pebbles and remarkable vistas.