20 Jun
Hiring a car

Spending hours in a car hire queue at the airport only to be forced to pay surplus amounts of money on insurance and other ‘extras’, is one part of our holiday we don’t look forward to. Whilst there is little we can do to make car hire abroad completely headache-free, there are several strategies to help eliminate some of the agony…


30 Apr
Jetting off on holiday

Do you need travel insurance? Which type of policy will you require? Taking out travel cover can be a minefield… If you’re unsure about it, whether you need it, and what policy to opt for, take a look at the following guide…



30 Jun
Child on a plane

Your summer holiday is getting closer. You’re getting increasingly excited for the impending holiday, but you have to admit, you’re a little nervous about the prospect of flying with your little ones. Whilst we can never quite predict how youngsters will behave in the air, there are certain steps we can take to try and make the flight go as smoothly as possible.


27 Feb
Menton, France

Easter is approaching and many of us are making plans for the spring break. With the weather getting warmer, the nights lighter and the buds of spring blossoming, this time of year can be a great time to head abroad. Vintage Travel explores five reasons why Easter-time and a holiday overseas go hand in hand.

Experience Easter in different cultures

Like Christmas, Easter celebrations are unique to different nations and cultures. Travelling abroad during this time will enable you to experience another country’s unique festivities and traditions.

For example, in Spain, Easter is known as ‘Semana Santa’ – ‘Saint’s Week’ – during which the cities, towns and villages host their own reactions of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – a truly different Easter experience.

Mild weather without being overly hot

True, we can’t guarantee the weather will be great, but by late March and April, many European countries are warming up to an agreeable temperature. The climate at this time of year is certainly cooler than the intensity of the summer, which for many, is welcomed when travelling abroad.

Enjoy less crowds

Whilst Easter is a popular time to travel, as the weather isn’t guaranteed, many holiday destinations are considerably quieter compared to the height of the summer. Consequently, beaches are emptier, it’s easier to get a seat in a restaurant and attractions are less crowded.

Enjoy the beautiful springtime vistas

From the poppy-doused meadows of Andalucía to the lands of the Cote d’Azur carpeted in lavender, the natural world has woken from its winter slumber at Easter and is starting to blossom, flourish and thrive. Consequently, the picturesque landscapes much of Europe is blessed with, are especially beautiful at this time of year. Just remember to take your camera with you!

Recharge your batteries

Having got through the long slog of winter, heading abroad at this time of year, is perfect for recharging our batteries and keeping us going until our summer holiday!



09 Aug
woman hydrating

Nothing is worse than having your long awaited summer holiday spoilt because you did not take a few easy precautions to keep yourself safe. The sun often plays a big part in where we choose to go but it can also cause us one or two problems, especially for those with pale skin, who can be prone to being burnt. There is another danger with too much sun, the risk of getting sunstroke.


08 Jan
Aria: A simply splendid villa on the Lycian Coast

Described as the “jewel in the crown”, Aria near the town of Kalkan on the Lycian Coast in Turkey is an incredible home, positioned in the most magnificent of spots. We have to admit, this six bedroom, six bathroom property is quite simply the best of the Vintage Travel portfolio.