03 Sep
San Vito lo Capo beach and Monte Monaco, Sicily

Three beautiful beaches on Sicily

Sicily sits at the tip of Italy. This fascinating island has a long history of trade with the world, which has affected almost everything about it, from its cuisine to its architecture. When you visit Sicily, you can explore characterful small towns and enjoy a temperate climate, which stretches from early in the year until




23 May
Pesaro, Italy

What’s there to see in Italy’s Pesaro?

The bustling town of Pesaro on Italy’s Adriatic coast is awash with attractions and sightseeing opportunities. With medieval architecture, breath-taking basilicas and iconic fountains, simply meandering round Pesaro’s streets is an experience in itself.




04 Dec
St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Three unmissable churches in Rome

There are literally endless reasons to visit Rome, one of Europe’s oldest and most popular cities. The ancient architecture, superb shopping and exquisite cuisine, are just three reasons to head to the unique city of Rome. Visiting any of the city’s 4000 churches is another intriguing pastime in this glorious city.